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AdBlue© solution for diesel vehicles

AdBlue© solution reduces vehicle exhaust emissions on diesel vehicles; in order to comply with Euro 6 emissions standards and UK Emission laws.

What is AdBlue© and how does it work?

Consisting of a mixture of Water and Urea, AdBlue© is a non-toxic liquid, that is combined with the exhaust gases using SCR technology.


AdBlue© will convert over 90% of harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) intro Nitrogen and steam. Thus, creating less pollution and reducing exhaust emissions, which can also reduce your vehicle tax! 


NOx gases contribute to the formation of smog, acid rain and ground-level ozone. Further, causing respiratory problems.


Originally seen in Euro 6 compliant commercial vehicles, AdBlue© injection systems are now becoming a popular feature on a variety of modern diesel vehicles, as vehicle manufacturers growing aim to reduce emissions.

Does my vehicle need AdBlue©?

Firstly, do you drive a diesel vehicle?

If so; it will all depend on the age and condition of your vehicle! Check if you already have an AdBlue© injection system installed. 

You don’t want to run out of AdBlue© and only discover when a warning light appears on your dashboard!

Some older vehicles use AdBlue too, so if you are unsure, check the vehicle handbook to see if your vehicle has AdBlue© and where it’s located. 

Typically, the AdBlue© cap is located next to the fuel tank, although, it can be located elsewhere.

If you’re still unsure, you can check:

  • The vehicle handbook
  • If the model name contains ‘Blue’ or ‘SCR’
  • AdBlue filler cap – located next to the fuel filler, under the bonnet or in the boot

If you’re still unsure, ask your vehicle manufacturer for assistance.

When does AdBlue© need to be topped up?

A full tank of AdBlue© should vary between 3,000 – 20,000 miles, depending on the vehicle manufacturer and model, although, it’s advisable to have fluid levels checked during your routine vehicle service. 

Depending on your vehicle and how economically you drive, a litre of AdBlue© should last between 350 – 600 miles. 

Vehicles are equipped with a dashboard warning light which will alert users when their AdBlue© fluid is below the minimum requirement. 

If your vehicle is below the minimum requirement, DO NOT ignore the dashboard warning.

Attend your nearest service garage and ask for a refill immediately, as your vehicle may not start until the AdBlue© is topped up.

What happens if i put AdBlue© in the fuel tank?

If you put AdBlue© in your fuel tank, DO NOT start the vehicle’s ignition. Call your vehicle manufacturer immediately and have the fluids drained to ensure that your engine isn’t damaged.

Additional information:

  • It’s the lease holders’ responsibility to ensure AdBlue© tank is kept topped up.
  • It’s the lease holders’ responsibility to pay all costs associated with keeping the AdBlue© tank topped up.
  • If the wrong fluid is poured into the tank, DO NOT start the engine. Call your funder immediately
  • Always handle AdBlue© with care, as it can be irritating to skin; or harmful to humans if ingested. Always wear gloves and be careful not to get in your eyes.
  • Don’t keep AdBlue© in your boot. If spilled, AdBlue© can damage vehicle surfaces, such as carpets or paintwork
  • DO NOT ignore the ad blue warning light

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