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Commission Disclosure Statement

Big Media Presence T/A are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We are a credit broker and not a lender. As an FCA regulated broker, we are required to provide, upon request from our customers, details in relation to the commissions and/or incentives earned by our firm in completing your transaction for any of our products or services.
As part of our Treating Customers Fairly policy, we are happy to disclosure details of any financial considerations gained by the firm in completing your transaction with us.


It should be noted that we are primarily a FEE BASED organisation. This means we will directly charge you, the customer, a fee for our services and administration work. These are clearly highlighted in our Initial Disclosure Document and our Information Notice.


We may be paid a commission by the finance provider on commencement of the agreement.

The commission we receive will vary and is controlled by the lenders commission arrangements.

the amount of the commission we receive will alter the amount payable by the customer each month.

We may also receive an extra amount based on the volume introduced to the finance provider/lender once the agreement is made live.

Commissions/incentives and other financial considerations may only be applicable if:

• Funders and/or manufacturers directly offer to cover customer fee’s (whether entirely or part thereof) to promote a specific offer(s) or promotion(s). In these cases, the financial consideration received from that particular funder/manufacturer, will represent our commission/financial consideration.

• Funder and/or manufacturers directly offer to us incentives and/or volume related bonuses for selling their products and services.


In either of these instances, you are entitled to request details of the commissions/incentives/considerations received by in relation to your transaction.


This request can be made by directly emailing: [email protected]

We will endeavour to respond to all requests within 5 working days.


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