Dear Valued customer,


Firstly I hope this email finds you well and you and your family are staying safe during these turbulent and trying times.


We have been keeping a close eye on the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and we have been listening to the updates given from the NHS, UK Government and Public Health England.


The health and safety of our staff is our top priority, we are closely monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of our staff.


We implemented social distancing some weeks ago to ensure safety between staff members and also stopped all visitors to our offices.


All face to face meetings off site stopped at the same time to reduce any further risk of infection.


We have also implemented a work-from-home policy for any staff who are at higher risk, or may/have been exposed to anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19. No staff have experienced any symptoms to date.


Treating customers fairly is of paramount importance to us at all times, especially in the current climate.


What plans do we have in place for business continuity in case of a work-from-home lockdown?


We will be working as usual until we are told by the authorities otherwise.


If indeed we are forced to close, all staff have the ability to work remotely and all calls will be transferred.


The phone system will have a pre announced message requesting you to press 1 for administration. Our sales department will be closed, so please use email.



Since all phone calls are transferred please be patient, the best and preferred method of communication is email, please email [email protected]



We are relying on availability of funders to report back quickly and accurately during this unprecedented time but we all need to understand this will be a difficult period.


Staff will be provided with laptop computers and will have secure access to their office desktop computers to enable them to work as normal.  


For more information about the Coronavirus outbreak, we implore you to read up on the following online resources;


Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – UK Government Response

NHS – Coronavirus Overview

Coronavirus updates | The Guardian

If the situation changes and has any new impacts or impact on our ability to provide a comprehensive service to you, we will keep you informed and updated.


Before any delivery drivers are dispatched we please ask you to confirm that there have been no symptoms of COVID-19 within the household or office in the last 14 days. This merely a precaution


Finally, storms do not last forever and we look forward to a quick return to normality.


Thank you for reading.


Yours sincerely,

Andrew Dryden

Managing Director

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