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10 Annoying Driving Habits to Avoid!

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While driving is very enjoyable, we’ve all experienced an unpleasant journey, which can often be because another road user isn’t being considerate of those around them.

A study published by RAC in 2019 claims that there has been a rise in aggression amongst British drivers.

Further, 36% of those surveyed stated that their biggest fear is the actions of other drivers! has compiled a list of 10 annoying driving habits for you to avoid, encouraging drivers to be considerate of others, helping to keep British roads safe!

#1 – Double Parking (Clarkson Parking)

You might not be familiar with the term, but you will certainly be familiar with the technique.


“Clarkson parking”, nicknamed after Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson, is the act of deliberately parking across two spaces to prevent nearby vehicles from hitting your car door.


While this has become a common joke amongst motoring enthusiasts, it can certainly be frustrating for those who have to spend hours circling the car park looking for a parking space.


When you exit your vehicle, take a second to look back and ensure that you’re parked within the bay.


#2 – Inappropriate use of turn signals

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

From indicating too early or too late, to not signalling whatsoever, it is all irritating and hazardous to those around you.


All vehicles come equipped with indicators and are a legal requirement for a car to be deemed road legal.


#3 – Lane Hogging

We’ve all been on the motorway, stuck behind that slow-moving driver, who refuses to move into the slow land and let you pass!


While the police have vowed to clamp down on lane hogging, it’s still a reoccurring issue that people face on the motorway.


When on the motorway, you should monitor your rear-view mirror for vehicles approaching you from behind at a faster speed and allow them to pass with ease, to prevent any excessive breaking or swerving, which could endanger other road users!


#4 - Failure to check blind spots

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Opposite to the person above, these drivers are too eager to switch lanes, doing so without checking blind spots and mirrors for surrounding vehicles or pedestrians. Often swerving into your lane, before swerving back to avoid a collision.


This is extremely dangerous and concerning for drivers! 


Remember – it’s mirror, signal & THEN manoeuvre.


#5 – Driving painfully below the speed limit

Ok, we get that you’re cautious. But if you go any slower, we’ll end up getting parking tickets!


This can be infuriating to drivers behind, who are waiting and waiting for you to build up speed. In the eyes of the law, driving too slowly is hazardous to vehicles which are travelling at the appropriate speed limit and could encourage other road users to make reckless decisions.


If you’re stuck behind someone who’s travelling excessively under the speed limit, take a breath and wait for an appropriate and safe opportunity to pass. Angry drivers are bad drivers. Do not tailgate!


Which leads us directly into number six!


#6 – Tailgating

Tailgating might seem like an appropriate way to deal with drivers who are lane hogging and refuse to pull into the slow lane, although, it could seriously reduce your braking distance in the event of an incident and could result in a very bad ending.


Remember to maintain an appropriate distance between you and the vehicle in front. 


If the driver in front is forced to brake harshly and you collide with the back of their vehicle, the insurance company will likely put you at fault, due to your failure to leave appropriate breaking distance between.


#7 – Brake Checking

If you’re experiencing a tailgater, you might feel that it’s a good idea to tap of the brakes, to encourage the driver behind to increase their distance from you.


This is a dangerous manoeuvre, as the car behind could easily crash into the rear end of your vehicle, damaging both vehicles and possibly injuring any passengers!


#8 – Jumping traffic lights

We’ve all been in a rush to get to a destination on time, although, that’s not a valid excuse to break the law.


Traffic lights exist for a very important purpose, to prevent accidents! Jumping a light could cause a serious collision, damaging other vehicles and potentially injuring pedestrians!


#9 – Leaving high-beam headlights on when another vehicle is passing

Photo by Eliel Frances Etruiste from Pexels

For many modern vehicles, this shouldn’t be an issue, due to auto-dimming high beam assist! 


A camera located at the front of the vehicle identifies oncoming vehicles and automatically dims the headlights to prevent accidents.


Unfortunately, not every vehicle is equipped with this technology. Meaning that drivers still face the chance of being dazzled by an oncoming driver using his full-beam headlights.


This can be seriously dangerous, as it can impact visibility and drivers’ ability to prevent an accident. Be considerate of other road users!


#10 – Not allowing people to merge

There’s no law which states that you must allow drivers to merge, especially if you have the right of way!


Although, if you’re in slow-moving traffic, cutting off a merging vehicle won’t get you very far. You could potentially cause a collision, just to be one car length ahead!


It’s nice to be nice, have patience and allow people to merge where possible.


Drive safely, everyone!

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