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The Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer

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The latest edition to Volkswagen’s fully electric lineup, The Volkswagen ID.7!


As a £50,000 vehicle, pricing for the new ID.7 competes directly with the Tesla Model S, although, the Volkswagen ID.7 is a much larger vehicle.

Volkswagen ID7 Front End
Volkswagen ID7 Optional Glass Roof


It measures almost 5 metres from front to back and sits 249mm longer than the outdoing Volkswagen ID.Buzz!


Despite being a long vehicle, manoeuvring around city centres and narrow streets is not an issue, as visibility is excellent and there is a host of safety aids equipped to assist. A 360 Degree camera comes as standard, helping you to park without marking those stunning ‘Hudson’ alloy wheels!


The ID.7 has a visibly swooping roofline that provides a sleek and sporty finish.

To add further to this sleek finish, ID.7 customers can benefit from the optional extra full-length glass roof. It includes ‘Smart Glass’ which is controlled via a slider or the voice control system and allows users to switch between ‘Clear’ and ‘Opaque’.


The optional ‘Exterior Pack’ adds a set of Matrix LED headlights and privacy glass. While the more advanced “Exterior Pack Plus’ includes Dynamic Chassis Control that operates via an adjustable suspension.


Moving to the interior, The Volkswagen ID.7 comes with a stunning 15” touchscreen infotainment screen and is rumoured to have a revamped menu structure for improved usability.


Like a smartphone, users can move widgets and adjust the screen layout to suit their personal preferences. There is a shortcut row, which can be configured to display the functions you want to use most frequently.

Volkswagen ID7 Interior

The digital instrument cluster adopts a minimalistic approach and only displays essential information, such as driving range and warnings.


Augment Head-Up display comes as standard on all ID.7 trims and when activated, the traditional instrument cluster minimises, as it’s no longer in use.


Volkswagen has also included front seat massage functionality as standard, for improved user comfort on long journeys.


The ‘Interior Pack’ adds additional ventilation, upgrades the sound system and includes additional colours for the ambient lighting. Moreover, Volkswagen will also include front seat massage functionality for improved user comfort on long journeys.

Volkswagen ID7 Boot Space

Boot space is not an issue with the Volkswagen ID.7, as it comes with a whopping 530 litres of storage. Folding the rear seats increases this to an impressive 1580 litres of boot space.


The rear seats are split 60:40 and there is a centralised hatch, which allows you to carry long items, whilst holding two rear passengers in the outer seats.

As a large tourer, the Volkswagen ID.7 has lots of floor space for battery storage!


The entry-level ID.7 will come equipped with a 77kWh battery pack, which produces a more than sufficient 286bhp. Based on WLTP testing, it should achieve up to 386 miles on a single charge.

Volkswagen is also expected to release a larger 86kWh battery pack before the end of 2024. Currently, estimates suggest that it will be capable of roughly 430 miles on a single charge.

Battery & Range

Volkswagen ID7 On Charge

The range is bolstered by the incredible 0.23 drag coefficient and tweaks to ‘PSMS’, which included improved cooling systems.


The ID.7 will also come with fast charging capabilities as standard. This means that users could achieve 125 miles range in just ten minutes or reach 80% charging capacity in just 28 minutes!

Volkswagen ID7 Side View

Safety & Security

Euro NCAP scored the Volkswagen ID.7 a full five-star safety rating during testing.


Notably impressive scores were obtained from the occupant protection category. With an array of driver aids and safety technology included as standard, occupants of the ID.7 are in safe hands.

Price & Verdit

The Volkswagen ID.7 Pro Match price currently starts at £51,550. Prices are yet to be confirmed for the larger 86kWh variant.


As the Volkswagen ID.7 is a large, fully electric vehicle it is an attractive offering for a company vehicle. Currently, the ID.7 is exempt from road tax and the London Congestion Charge, offering great opportunity to save money.

Volkswagen ID7 Rear View

Moreover, the sheer volume of standard equipment means the ID.7 is truly excellent value for money.


Will you be joining the Volkswagen ID Family, with the new ID.7?


View our live Volkswagen offers today!

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