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The New Volkswagen ID.2

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Making Electric Affordable? 🔌

Volkswagen ID 2

Set to be the latest addition to their All Electric ID range. The Volkswagen ID 2 could be the first low-cost electric vehicle from one of the big German Manufacturers. If not the EV market in its entirety.

You’re probably trying to figure out which model the the ID.2  is the electric version of?



More than likely, you’re exactly right!  Volkswagen say it pays homage to the Polo, Golf and even the Beetle.

It’s difficult to see where the Beetle influence lies. However the other two are ever apparent even at the first glance of the new electric supermini.  

Especially with Volkswagen stating that the ID.2 will be “as spacious as a golf” and “as inexpensive as a polo”

Opting for a front wheel drivetrain will allow the Volkswagen ID 2 to maximise its interior occupancy and boot capacity.



This also enables the incorporation of more technological features including a beautiful 12.9″ infotainment screen & a 10.9″ Driver cockpit display.

The Volkswagen ID 2 Price

Rumour has it that prices will start around £22,000 for the base models the ID 2 sits under its larger ID.3 brother in the VW electric range.


Boasting an impressive 225hp with a desired battery range of 280 miles going from 10% – 80% charge in just 20 Minutes.

With release of the ID.2 expected in 2026, the affordable electric Volkswagen is still a few years off by which time competitor options such as the Peugeot e-208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e could still become more affordable than the ID.2 as infrastructure & manufacturing costs improve.


However at present, Volkswagens electrical offerings have provided a fantastic combination of efficiency and excitement across its all-electric range and we expect the ID.2 to be an appropriate addition to the line up.

With the ID.2 still some way off, check out our live Volkswagen deals whilst we wait.

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