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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does Car Leasing Work?

After you’ve decided on your model, mileage, budget and contract length, we will provide you with a quote to match your needs. Once your quote has been proposed and we have your details on record, you will be subject to a credit check to ensure you are eligible for a contract.


Once your financial check has been approved, we can order your car and send all of the finance documents out to you.


Your car will be delivered as per the delivery time on your order form, and your advance payment will be taken. Once you have the vehicle, your monthly payments will begin exactly one month after your delivery date and will continue until your contract term is up.


Once you have finished your contract length, you will hand the keys back and can begin a new lease with another model of your choice.


Is it better to lease or buy a car?

Leasing has definitely become more popular over the last several years, with many choosing to take up a lease contract over buying a car outright. We definitely believe leasing is the way to go, especially if you find it hard to make that big commitment to one car.


Leasing allows you to switch out your car every couple of years for a newer model, with options to change the terms of your contract every time you upgrade.


You’ll get all of the benefits of driving your dream cars, without the huge price tags. Leasing allows you to create a payment profile that suits you and your preferences, with the choice of contract length, initial payment and mileage entirely in your control.


You can put down a large initial deposit to decrease your monthly instalments if you wish, equally if you’d rather spread the cost more evenly with a smaller upfront cost – that’s also possible.


Whatever you need, we can find you the perfect quote.


Can I lease a car with no money down?

Yes, your payment plan is completely customisable and can be tailored to suit your needs. We often advertise rates with 3, 6 or 9 months down, but this can be amended or removed altogether if that fits you better.


Just bear in mind that the more you put down initially, the lower your monthly payments will be! 


Can I sell a leased car?

No, a lease car cannot be sold.


For the duration of your lease contract, you are effectively renting or hiring the vehicle under the terms set at the beginning of your contract. The finance company used for your lease own the vehicle.


Can you end a car lease agreement early?

Yes you may be able to terminate your lease contract early, but this must be discussed with your finance lender directly.


There may be cancellation fees and you may have remaining payments to make to your finance company. 


What is included in a car lease?

Your lease contract includes the mileage you have agreed at the beginning of your contract, the delivery and usually the collection of your vehicle.


If you wish to add maintenance packages onto your contract you can do for an additional cost.


How and when will the finance documents be sent?

All documents are sent via email ready for you to print and sign, to the email address provided on proposal. Please check your junk or spam folders as emails sometimes get filtered.


Documents are usually sent within 5-6 working days on the 2-week order bank; if you’ve been quoted three weeks for delivery, the documents will take 10-14 working days after you’ve signed the order form.


If your car is on factory order, documents are typically sent ten days before delivery. A few finance companies will send documents ahead of the vehicle being manufactured. 


Is my car taxed for the duration of the contract?

If your vehicle is personal or business contract hire, then you will have RFL (Road Fund Licence) included for the term.


If it states personal or business operating lease, then your RFL is for the first year only, and you will be liable for the remaining duration of your lease term.


When will I receive my registration number?

Your registration number is allocated on the production of the documents, and you will find the registration number on the front page.


I've called the insurance company and registration isn't being recognised, how can I arrange insurance?

Insurance quotes can be obtained by providing the make, model (listed on your finance documents) and value detailed on the manufacturer’s website.


What is the registration date on the finance documents?

The date of registration on your finance documents is actually the date the documents were produced; your vehicle will be registered the day of, or the day before delivery unless otherwise specified. 


I've called the insurance company, and they don't have my registration listed?

You are allocated the registration number, but the vehicle is not registered until delivery, once registered it takes a couple of days to update.


The insurance company want to know the value of the vehicle?

If you visit the manufacturer’s website, it will give you all of the figures you will need for your insurance company, this also gives you the standard specification and answers any tax questions.


If you visit the manufacturer’s website, it will give you all of the figures you will need for your insurance company, this also gives you the standard specification and answers any tax questions. 


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