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The Top 10 Electric Cars of 2020

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Top 10 Electric Cars of 2020

Due to the growing demand for Electric Vehicle Technology and increasing innovation, has created a guide to showcase the top electric cars of 2020

Nissan Leaf

What has changed?

The new Nissan Leaf now comes equipped with an estimated driving range of 168miles on full charge, operating a 40-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack with a shorter charging time of 8 hours at 240 volts. The Nissan Leaf E+ is stated have an enhanced driving range of 239 miles, Improving usability and reducing consumers anxiety regarding vehicle range.

The SV and SL trim includes a quick charge port, which can charge the standard battery to 80% capacity in under 40 minutes when used at a fast-charging station. Further, the quick charge port is available on the S trim level as an optional extra.


The Leaf is a front-wheel-drive, 5-seater hatchback, powered by with a 147BHP electric motor. It’s available with a 1-speed automatic transmission to maximise sustainability.

All Leaf’s are still equipped with e-pedal safety technology, initiating gradual braking once no pressure is being applied to the accelerator pedal.


A 360-degree view camera system is also available with the leaf, with automatic emergency braking being a standard inclusion.


Safety features include; lane departure warning, blind-spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert. The optional ‘ProPilot Assistant’ system can steer the vehicle within its lane, maintaining a safe distance from ahead traffic, right through to a complete and safe stoppage.


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The Renault Zoe Electric car range is available at a starting price of £25,670 for the i-Play trim. The front-wheel-drive hatchback is available in a 1-speed automatic transmissions, capable of achieving 0-60mph in 11.4 seconds.


It runs the “R110” electric motor, a 52kWh 400 V lithium-ion battery, producing 80 horsepower, with a top speed of 83.89mph


The GT Line trim is available from £29,370, also operating a 1-speed front wheel drive system, although, run the “R135” electric motor which produces 113bhp and has an increased top speed of 86.99mph. 


The Iconic trim is available from £27,170, with the same performance output as the GT Line.


Each trim comes equipped with automatic lights and windscreen wipers, with the GT and Iconic trim having an optional winter pack upgrade. Further, a technology pack is an optional extra which is only available for the Iconic trim.


Each model comes equipped with; ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Cruise Control, Tyre Pressure Monitors, Front Fog Lights, Handsfree Key Card Entry, Tyre Repair Kit and ABS with EDB emergency brake assist.


Renault state that unlike its predecessor, the new Zoe is equipped with a Z.E 50 Battery, capable of a 245 mile driving range and further comes with a 8 year or 100,000 mileage warranty!


Unlike the other trims, the GT Line comes with front and rear parking sensors, further to a reverse parking camera. GT Line users can also have an optional upgrade to hands free parking, for driver safety and convenience.


The Iconic is unique due to its more detailed focus on sustainability, being the only range to come with 100% recycled fabric seating upholstery. Both it and the GT Line also have electric rear windows, something the i-Play is lacking.


Overall, the Zoe is practical and affordable.

Tesla has continuously disrupted the EV market with their innovation advances and the 2020 Model X SUV has continued the trend.


The stunning all-wheel-drive (AWD) SUV is available at a starting price of £82,700. It’s equipped with a variety of features, such as;


Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

ABS & Driveline Traction Control

Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Front and Rear-View Cameras

Blind Spot Sensor

Forward Collision Mitigation and Rear Collision Warning

Lane Keeping Assistant & Lane Departure Warning

Restricted Driving Mode

Rear Child Safety Locks

Lap and Shoulder Airbags


The Model X comes with an improved range of 237 – 295 miles on full charge, depending on the chosen model.


The most distinctive feature of the new Tesla Model X is the rear falcon-wing doors, which open upwards. The stylish pivot doors are double jointed, equipped with a series of sensors to ensure they don’t hit the vehicle parked beside you, the garage wall and roof, or even the passenger entering.


While being modern, stylish and equipped with excellent mileage range, the Tesla Model X has been slammed for being impractical due to the swinging falcon-doors and exceptionally large price tag. It has been stated that the doors are quite heavy and whilst being a fun and unique novelty; they’re nor practical or ideal. Further, It has been claimed the sensors dont prevent the doors from closing on a users arm and caution is advised.


Resulting in it being ranked 9th.

Hyundai’s sensible family car comes in an optional electrical drivetrain, retailing at £29,450 with the assistance of a government grant.


This spacious saloon provides comfort for up to five, with an ideal range of 194 miles and their tranquil nature making them perfect for day-to-day use.

Using a front-wheel-drive system, the electric motor draws a reliable 118bhp from a 38.3kWk lithium-ion battery, meaning 0-62mph in 9.9 seconds.


Hyundai aimed for a clean, sleek, minimalistic and clutter-free interior design for the Iconiq.


Equipped with heated steering wheel, climate control and a dashboard screen operating Bluelink Connectivity; ensuring the both drivers and passengers are comfortable and entertained during journeys. 


Falling in at number 5 is the long-awaited BMW i3. Since it’s launch in 2018, the i3 has been a key player within the EV market.


Available in a variety of trims including the 13 REX, i3 S and the i3s REX, with a starting retail price of £37,840, it’s not cheap for a small car.


Each model runs a 42.2kWh lithium-ion battery pack, capable of achieving full charge in just 6.5 hours!


Nevertheless, BMW state that the yearly cost of charging the i3 is just £135, based on a 10,000 mile per annum basis.


Saving you a staggering £1,342 per year when compared with the annual running cost of a petrol vehicle, which has an estimated annual cost of £1,477.


The i3 packs a punch, proving it has more than enough power output for a small EV. The all electric motor provides an instant power surge, resulting in 0-62mph in just 7.3 seconds.


The i3 is stated to have a variable range of 182 – 188 miles, capable of driving from London – Brighton and back on a single charge.

Despite being the smallest car within the BMW fleet, the i3 hasn’t sacrificed the luxury and comfort which BMW drivers are typically accustom to. The interior is laced with Neutronic cloth upholstery, a navigation system and a multifunctional leather steering wheel.


It’s equipped with a rear parking distance control, heated front seats, automatic rain sensor wipers, Bluetooth and USB audio interface and remote key entry.


Despite operating a rear-wheel-drive transmission, the i3 is small, nimble and easier to handle than many larger BMWs. It has proven to be practical for day to day use particularly through an increased driving range and reduced charging time, although, it’s relatively high price tag for a small EV.

The new e-tron is Audis first fully electric SUV and it’s available from a starting price of £71,560.


The new e-tron is available in automatic transmission and utilises the Audi Quattro four-wheel-drive system. Despite weighing a hefty 2490KG, this fantastic SUV produces a standard 355bhp or a whopping 402bhp with boost turned on, reaching 0-62mph in just 5.7 seconds!


The e-tron comes with a charging port on both front wings of the vehicle and an with estimated driving range of 253 miles, this SUV has placed high priority on user reassurance and convenience.


The e-trons range is courtesy of a 55 quattro 95kWh battery, which is compatible with a 50kWh charger, capable of achieving 80% battery capacity in just 90 minutes. Audi have introduced a new 150kWh charger that can achieve 80% charge in under 30 minutes, although, unfortunately it’s not currently supported within the UK.


The interior is fitted with twin leather upholstery and a virtual cockpit combined with dashboard navigation and an in car entertainment system. 


Like the Renault Zoe, Audi offer an 8 year or 100,000-mile battery warranty. Additionally, they offer their standard 3 year or 60,000-mile manufacturer warranty.

Despite its’ impressive driving range; charging time, power output and design, the E-Tron falls within the ‘top group 50’ insurance bracket, resulting in a higher insurance premium. Further, it’s quite expensive compared to over EV models on the market and users only have one battery option, while competitors offer various batteries depending on the vehicle trim.

The new 2020 Tesla Model S is available from a starting price of £69,070.


It’s available in either the performance or long-range trim, with vehicle performance being the most noticeable difference between the two. It comes with standard 19” alloy wheels, with an optional upgrade to 21” turbine style alloy wheels.


The performance trim can achieve 0-60mph in a staggering 2.4 seconds, with a driving range of 367 miles on full charge. Meanwhile the Long Range has a driving range of 379 miles, sacrificing power output by achieving 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds, which is still really impressive!


The Model S has a top speed of 162mph and is equipped with an adaptive air suspension that adjusts automatically depending on your speed, dual motor and all-wheel-drive technology which instantly controls traction and torque.


While it’s an EV, Tesla proudly state that their Model S has “the quickest acceleration of any production sedan on Earth”.


Both trims come with a basic 4 year, or 50,000-mile vehicle warranty. In addition to an 8-year battery warranty.


The Model S utilises 360 camera view technology to provide maximum visibility, further to 12 ultrasonic sensors that assist with parking and detect nearby vehicles to prevent potential collisions.


It’s equipped with the Tesla Model S Dashboard, a huge 17” touchscreen that controls most of the vehicles functions. Due to the extremely large screen, the buttons are large and it’s easy to use while the vehicle is moving. The entire dashboard is taken up by the screen and a ‘hazard-light’ button is the only other feature on the dashboard.


Tesla Model S is a market leader with excellent range and is much slicker than the Model X. While it’s practical, reliable and fast, the high price tag  and insurance group still deters several car users who can’t afford the experience. Further, It has been stated that the much cheaper Model 3 offers the same user benefits and experience, for a much lesser price!


The New Hyundai Kona retails at £35,100, making it one of the more accessible and price friendly vehicles within the EV market.


The Hyundai Kona fully Electric SUV was first released at the beginning of 2020 and has proven to be a market disruptor. This small and agile SUV is capable of achieving 0-62mph in just 7.9 seconds, with an excellent driving range of 278 miles on fully charge!


The Kona is available with multiple charging functions, such as domestic and home charging. The domestic charging option allows users to plug their vehicle into any normal 3-point socket, although, takes 31 hours to reach 95% charging capacity.


The home charging station can be installed for home charging, although, is capable of achieving full charge in just 9.35 hours. The Kona is further compatible with rapid charging stations, which can achieve full charge in just 75 minutes!


It comes equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection safety features, altering drivers to emergency situations and automatically braking safely to avoid collisions where required.


Like the e-Tron and several EV’s, they fall within the top 50 insurance groups and could come with a hefty insurance premium. Further, it’s stated that 13% of Kona users reported a fault within their first year of ownership, indicating over a 100% from 6.2% in 2018.


Unlike other manufacturers Hyundai only offer a 5-year warranty on the Kona, however, it isn’t restricted by mileage. Offering a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, providing further reassurance to frequent travellers.

Hyundai are infamous for their safety features and the Kona is no different. Obtaining a highly reputable 5 star rating from the Euro NCAP’s meticulous crash test scheme.


While holding up very well during crash tests, it’s stated that a large factor in their high score arose from the vehicles additional safety features, such as; driver-fatigue monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, further to, hill-hold and hill-decent control.


The premium SE model is further equipped with blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alter, while the Premium GT comes with autonomous emergency braking.


The long awaited Model 3 is the cheapest of the Tesla EV range and has finally arrived in the U.K, proving to be worth the wait!


Like the Model S, it comes in a variety of trims including; Standard Range Plus, Long Range AWD and the Performance Trim.


The standard trim retails at £38,900. It’s RWD and uses a 50 kWh battery that achieves 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds, with an estimated driving range of 258 miles.


The Long Range AWD starts from £47,900, although, uses a 75 kWh battery and dual motor to achieve 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds, with an astonishing range of 348 miles!


Finally, the performance trim retails at £56,900. Like the long range it’s AWD and uses a 75kWh battery dual motor, however, sacrifices range for performance. With a reduced driving range of 329 miles and much faster acceleration, achieving 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds!


Each trim uses a fully electric powertrain with an automatic transmission.


Like the Model S, Tesla aimed for comfort through simplicity. The dashboard and centre console contains wooden trim and the Tesla 15” touch screen dashboard manages most of the vehicles functions.


The Model 3 has been slammed for having basic interior design, with users saying the steering wheel is unpleasant to look at and uncomfortable to hold. Tesla avoid using leather, actively using synthetic materials for their interior design.


It’s stated that a glass tinted roof provides the feeling of spaciousness and makes journeys more comfortable.


Both the Long Range and Performance trim comes equipped with a ‘Premium’ Interior upgrade, providing an improved stereo system which includes 14” speakers and a subwoofer, music streaming and an internet browser.


The centre dash is further equipped with voice control, making it easier to complete functions while on the go.


The performance of the model 3 has been praised for; its long lasting range and rapid acceleration. Further, it has been stated that their steering rack is exceptionally quick, smooth and lightweight. Allowing for smoother handling of spacious large saloon.

The top EV of 2020 is undoubtedly the Jaguar i-Pace!

The New 2020 Jaguar i-Pace, all-electric SUV is available brand new from just £60,995!

Unlike some EV competitors, the Jaguar i-Pace performance has proven to be superior. Utilising a 90kWh battery that can achieve 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds, with an estimated driving range of 292 miles on a full charge! Finding the perfect balance between performance and sustainability.

It’s equipped with a state-of-the-art thermal management system, allowing for periods of sustained maximum power, without the motor overheating or compromising vehicle range for performance.

The electric motor and almost perfect weight distribution allow for delivery of 696Nm of instant torque. Resulting in lots of power, combined with the reassurance of a long-lasting mileage range.

It’s stated that the i-Pace can achieve up to 168miles from one hour of charging via a 50kW DC rapid charger. Moreover, users can install a Jaguar Wallbox2 home charging kit which will conveniently fully recharge the vehicle overnight.

The all-electric Jaguar i-Pace has earned a series of awards for its innovation and sustainability, including awards for;

‘2019 world car of the year’

‘World Car Design of The Year’

‘World Green Car’

Jaguar are still committed to vehicle performance and despite being an EV, the i-Pace is no different. The ‘JAGUAR I-PACE eTROPHY SERIES’ is the worlds’ first, all-electric international race series for production vehicles.

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